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    Cooking parties – English

    Cooking parties, English information

    Smaaksoldaatjes offers educational and inspiring cooking parties for children aging 5 to 15 years old. We can organize the party at your home or you can visit our nice place in the eastern part of Amsterdam.

    Our cooking parties

    Cooking parties take about 3 hours. During the party the mini chefs wear cooking aprons and the kids receive a chef’s hat on which they write their name. When the children feel a bit at home, we discuss the menu and the kitchen tasks.

    Now the cooking begins. Slicing, grating, kneading, mixing, baking, cooking, grilling, steaming, plating and off course: tasting! Halfway we have a short break which is a good time to exchange presents. In the last half hour, the children enjoy their own cooked meal.

    Have a look at our  small photo gallery as an impression to see how nice our cooking parties are!

    At the end of the cooking party, all kids receive the recipes to take home in memory of the party. Order a cooking party immediately.

    The menu

    All children prepare the same menu, which we discuss in advance. A lot is possible here. The children cook everything by themselves, we don’t usage any prefabricated ingredients. All our menus will fit within our philosophy of healthy food and will mainly exist out of seasonal products. The difficulty of the menu will be adjusted to the age and kitchen experience of the children. Off course we take food allergies or diets into account.

    Pasta, sushi and pizza themed cooking parties are the most popular and very well suited for larger groups. Multiple smaller dishes (like Spanish tapas or Greek meze) are also great fun to cook and more suitable for children who want to cook something new. We also like the idea of the birthday kid bringing up his or her own ideas for a joyful menu!

    A safe cooking environment

    At all cooking parties, the starting point is to provide the children with a safe and familiar environment. In advance, we decide with the parents whether the children are allowed to use knives or that we do the cutting for them. In any case, we work with special lightweight knives which are very handy for children, thanks to the small grip.
    Because small accidents just can happen, our chefs are certified with (children) First Aid. Of course, a First Aid kit is always present. In addition, the chef has a certificate of hygiene and food safety: HACCP.


    Cooking party at home

    A cooking party for 6 children at your home costs € 159. For every additional child we calculate € 10 extra. This price includes:
    – fresh ingredients
    – recipes to take home
    – cooking caps
    – professional guidance

    In addition, we bring cooking aprons, kitchen towels and the necessary kitchen materials. The birthday kid will receive a gift and we will clean the kitchen afterwards. Do you live outside Amsterdam, then the travel costs amount to 35 cents per kilometer. Order a cooking party.

    Cooking party at our place

    A cooking party for 6 children at our place costs € 209. For every additional child we calculate € 10 extra. This price includes:
    – fresh ingredients
    – drinks
    – recipes to take home

    – cooking caps
    – professional guidance

    Of course, cooking aprons, kitchen towels and all kitchen materials are available. The birthday boy or girl will receive a gift.

    Do you want to raise the glass with the parents afterwards? We can provide soft drinks, wine, prosecco and beer at our location. We calculate this on basis of consumption. Order a cooking party.